Verified Customer Feedback
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What is Verified Customer Feedback

Verified Customer Feedback helps businesses respond to the preferences and needs of their customers

Verified Customer Feedback is two-way honest communication between consumers and member businesses

Verified Customer Feedback is constructive, helpful, and insightful; it helps businesses understand how consumers view their products and services

TRUSTKey collects, reviews, and verifies feedback from consumers who have marketplace experience with TRUSTKey Member Businesses and shares this feedback with the appropriate member

Customers submit constructive feedback to commend to TRUSTKey Member Businesses or to offer suggestions

Customers may request a response from the member business

Why does TRUSTKey Promote Verified Customer Feedback
Verified Customer Feedback is authentic and reliable because it communicates consumer perspectives and expectations based on current personal marketplace experiences
Verified Customer Feedback helps consumers evaluate the quality of the business, and demonstrates the care, commitment, and customer service provided by the business

How Do Consumers Provide Verified Customer Feedback
Consumers may submit feedback via an online form, which is available on the TRUSTKey Member's Authenticated Business Review and Profile Page
Consumers may also contact TRUSTKey by telephone or email to provide feedback for a TRUSTKey Member Business
Consumers provide a valid verification email address, and their first name and last initial
Consumers certify that their feedback is applicable to a TRUSTKey Member Business and is based on recent personal marketplace experience

How Can I Build Marketplace Trust in my Community

Have you had a fantastic experience with an A+ Accredited Business
Share your thoughts with other consumers in The Honest Marketplace

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