Trusted Resolution Care
The Honest Marketplace is a secure place where your A+ Accredited Business can offer high-quality products and services and exceptional customer care. We ensure transparency and accountability by allowing customers to send you Verified Customer Feedback and initiate Trusted Resolution Care


Trusted Resolution Care™ Process

We provide an online Trusted Resolution Care™ form
We review and forward your issue to the Member Business
within two business days
We ask the Member to respond to issues within five business days
We notify you of the Trusted Resolution Care™ outcome within 15 business days
We track Member responses to customer issues to ensure
compliance with the TRUSTKey Principles of Excellence
We invite you to provide feedback about the business once the issue is resolved

We Address Issues Related to

Quality/Delivery of Products and Services
Misleading or Inaccurate Claims
Privacy/Misuse of Personal Information

We Cannot Address Issues Related to

Issues that are, or have been, litigated
Quality of health, medical, or legal services
Discrimination, sexual harassment, or other criminal violations
Lemon law/auto warranty issues
Issues that do not involve TRUSTKey Member Businesses
*In these cases, we will direct you to the appropriate resources or organizations for assistance

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