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Is TRUSTKey a Regulatory Agency or Legal Authority?

No. TRUSTKey is a private organization serving consumers and small businesses.

Our Mission Is To:

   •  Build Marketplace Trust in Our Communities through Education and Information
   •  Provide Guidance, Accountability, and Training for Reputable Businesses
   •  Encourage Businesses to Value Integrity, Transparency and Trust in Their Business Practices
   •  Create a Honest Marketplace where informed Consumers and Small Businesses can Build Healthy Relationships

TRUSTKey Member Business must adhere to the TRUSTKey TRUSTKey Principles of Excellence™ to maintain their accreditation.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

TRUSTKey offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You may cancel your membership at any time by calling (888) 880-1664.

Your membership will remain active until the end of your current billing cycle. We do not provide partial refunds.

We are here to serve you; please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance resolving a problem.

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