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  • TRUSTKey Accreditation Increase Sales, Builds Loyalty, and Inspires Consumer Confidence!Third-Party Business Identity, Privacy, and Guarantee Verification
    Set Your Company Apart and Highlight Your Commitment to Integrity

  • Your Personalized Business Review and Profile Page:

    • Highlights your Verified Business Information (including Telephone numbers and links to your full website)

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  • This dynamic eSeal identifies your organization as a TRUSTKey Accredited Member.

    Consumers can click on the eSeal to display your Verified Business Information (including Telephone numbers and links to your full website)
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  • The TRUSTKey New Business Page™ connects consumers with TRUSTKey Accredited Businesses. Featured Listing on the TRUSTKey New Business Page™
    FREE Referrals for Your Business!

  • This exclusive program features Business Reputation and Marketing Materials such as e-seals to provide visual credibility to your organization. Business Reputation Program
    High-Quality Seals to Promote Your Business

  • We encourage members to submit articles and tips for publication on the TRUSTKey website.Enhanced Brand Visibility
    Build Brand Recognition and Share Your Expertise

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  • TRUSTKey begins the accreditation process immediately and issues a preliminary seal within one business day!Quick Approval and Access to Trust Seal
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  • TRUSTKey recognizes that startups may be excellent businesses. We evaluate each prospective member based on objective measures of quality and service.

    We welcome all trustworthy organizations as members.
    Startup Businesses Are Eligible
    Accreditation is based on Business Qualifications; Not Business Age

  • Consumers may request resolution assistance related to TRUSTKey Members' products and services.

    TRUSTKey will work privately with the Business and Consumer to resolve privacy or guarantee-related issues.

    TRUSTKey serves as an objective third-party, to ensure that both the Business and the Consumer are treated equitably.
    Trusted Resolution Care
    Confidential and Objective Resolution Assistance

  • TRUSTKey Privacy Policy Verification confirms that member privacy policies addresses customer information security, third-party disclosures, email opt-out procedures, and other relevant privacy issues.Privacy Policy Verification
    Consumers Can Be Confident, Knowing You Protect Their Privacy!

  • TRUSTKey reviews member Guarantee Policies to ensure that return policies and money-back guarantees are clearly stated and that the member organizations are committed to resolve guarantee-related issues quickly.

    Consumers can shop with confidence, knowing that third-party assistance is available to resolve guarantee-related issues.
    Guarantee Policy Review
    Increase Sales and Motivate Consumer Purchases

  • Your Success is our #1 Priority!Certifications
    • Safe Service™ (Background-Check Verified Identity Badge Program)
    • Women Trusted™ (Certify Your Business Values Women)

  • TRUSTKey Accreditation

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